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Why should investors use a Turn key wholesale company in Atlanta?

Posted by jwatkins on November 15, 2011

Investors around the world are looking for great real estate deals in every potential market in the United States. Our depressed economy and magnitude of foreclosures, have really contributed to depressed real estate pricing all over. Altanta, Georgia has become one of the hottest targets for investors for many reasons. This post is not to talk about why to invest in Atlanta, but more to discuss why to use an experienced company to help in the process.

Traditionally, investors would hire a real estate agent to educate themselves on the market they are looking to buy in, determine a price point and location, make offers, and finally get a contract. That real estate agent would then refer the investor to a contractor they have heard does good work. Then the house needs to be put on the market for rent. The agent would then either list it with his or her company or refer out to another agent in property management. Their are several problems with this type investing. A turn key real estate company could really help and prevent a disaster.

Advantages to using an experienced turn-key real estate firm:

1.  Connectivity:  When one company handles the process, information gaps and time lags are not nearly as present throughout the process, which ultimately saves lots of time and money.

2.  Accountability:  If the same company has to rent the property they just rehabbed and purchased for an investor, then, they are encouraged to make better decisions along the way. If the company who helped to buy the property just refers out everything, and if the deal turns sour, it becomes a finger pointing game.

3.  Property Management:  Good Property Managers are in the best position to determine what to buy, where to buy, and what the tenant is looking for, and what are the most common maintenance issues (rehab decisions). They have the experience real estate agents do not.

4.  Also Investors:  Most turn-key rental property companies got into the business because the owners are already heavily invested in rental properties themselves. Again, that gives them a much deeper knowledge of what makes a good investment.

I could go on and on about this topic. I will follow up in my next post. But most of all, be very careful of who you invest with. Make sure their values, YES VALUES, line up with yours.  There are lots of companies out there just to earn a buck. A great question I like to ask any sales person:  do you own properties in the areas you want me to invest in?

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